AQA​ Engineers for AI-powered Learning Management System.

AQA​ Engineers for AI-powered Learning Management System.

We have a new opportunity and a new vacancy for AQA Engineers!

Jazzros takes part in developing solutions in the area of Industry 4.0.
Currently, we are seeking a Middle AQA Engineer (Kharkiv office or remote) to be a part of our client's technology team and work on one of the ambitious projects we participate in.

This is an American product company that develops the platform to improve online education for children.
An AI-powered LMS (learning management system) allows to conduct individual testing, identify individual characteristics and mental capacity, and find the most effective education program for each child.

This is an out-staff position with a lot of direct communication within the customer’s team.


- At least 1-year commercial experience writing automation tests using JavaScript/TypeScript;
- Experience with; - Experience working with AWS;
- Good English Communication Skills (at least Intermediate level).

This is a long-term project, no bureaucracy, direct communication, and a competitive salary.

Join us!



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