Computer Vision Engineer Needed (Kharkiv or Ukraine)

Computer Vision Engineer Needed (Kharkiv or Ukraine)

Computer Vision Engineer Needed (Ukraine or Poland).

Jazzros is focusing on developing solutions for Industry 4.0.

We’re passionate about helping our clients to develop outstanding products that change our world. Within a team, you will develop advanced Computer Vision Algorithms designed to boost the Real Estate industry. This is an opportunity to apply your cross-functional skillsets, creativity, and experience in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and full-stack development.

What you’ll do:

- Develop new computer vision and image processing technologies for panorama image processing related applications;
- Work a lot with homography, feature detection, feature description, matching;
- Define a technical roadmap and work on cutting edge technology in computer vision and machine learning;
- Benchmark algorithms based on speed, accuracy, and robustness;
- Implement efficient data structures to enable faster image processing.

- Graduate degree in Computer Science, or Artificial Intelligence;
- Strong applied math skills in linear algebra, 2D/3D geometry, and numerical methods (polynomial/Fourier approximations, ordinary differential equations, linear & non-linear optimizations, error analysis, etc);
- Computer Vision theory and experience (3D math, camera, homography, feature detection, feature description, matching, etc);
- Experience with OpenCV (FAST, BRIEF, ORB);
- Experience with developing software in Python, C++.

Nice to have:
- Experience with AI/ML/DL;
- Experience deploying solutions to AWS or Azure cloud services a plus.
- You have a strong math background, contributions in development communities, open-source projects, or forums.



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