New Job Opportunity for JS (3D) Backend Engineer

New Job Opportunity: JS Backend Engineer (Ukraine or Poland)

At Jazzros, we help our clients to develop solutions for Industry 4.0. We are calling for an ambitious JS Backend Engineers (Remote from Ukraine or Poland) who want to develop a complex CAD solution for the Orthotic Industry.

No legacy code, development from the scratch! This is an opportunity to apply your cross-functional skillsets and experience in designing systems, planning software architecture, etc.

What you’ll do:
- Develop JS-based web application for automating the engineering processes related to the design & creation of orthopedic insoles;
- Collaborate with Core Algorithms, Frontend Engineers, and Product Manager about new features and bug fixes;
- Troubleshoot issues as needed.

- Graduate degree in Computer Science;
- Solid knowledge of Javascript (minimum EcmaScript 2015);
- Solid experience with developing using NodeJS;
- Experience with developing 3D graphics or CAD apps;
- Good communication skills.

Nice to have:
- Experience with developing software in C++/Python;
- Knowledge of 3D geometry, linear algebra, and numerical methods;
- Regular knowledge of frontend development (React/Vue).



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