We are hiring! 3D Computer Vision Engineer

We are hiring! 3D Computer Vision Engineer
We are Jazzros, and we help our clients to develop solutions for Industry 4.0.
We’re passionate about developing outstanding solutions that change our world. We are looking for a 3D Computer Vision Engineer (Ukraine or Poland).
Within our team, you will develop advanced 3D Scanning & Reconstruction Computer Vision Algorithms for handhold 3D scanning solutions.
This is an opportunity to apply your cross-functional skillsets, creativity, and experience in 3D Geometry, Computer Vision, and AI/ML.
What you’ll do:
- Develop advanced 3D data processing algorithms for 3D sensing devices (e.g. polarization, ToF sensors, etc);
- Develop new algorithms for filtering the 3D point cloud;
- Develop 3D object recognition algorithms using RGB and point cloud data.
- Graduate degree in CS, Math or Physics;
- Solid knowledge of Computer Vision theory (features, matching, segmentation);
- Solid understanding of Epipolar Geometry;
- Experience working with 3D Point clouds (registration, filtration);
- Solid experience working with OpenCV;
- C++ and Python.
Nice to have:
- Experience working with PCL;
- Experience working with ToF and polarization sensors;
- Experience with Machine and Deep Learning.



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