Web, CMS and ECommerce


Working with the numerous web projects, including e-commerce projects, our team had a great practice of using MrCMS and Shop Plugin to deliver effective and reliable solutions to the end users.
But why specifically MrCMS?
Ok, let’s get along with the key opportunities provided by MrCMS.

Mr CMS is an ASP.NET MVC 5 C# open source content management framework
Mr CMS wraps up a lot of the time consuming aspects of website creation. Mr CMS is a framework for developers creating bespoke websites and at the same time it simplifies the use of CMS for content editors.
MrCMS application is ideal for creating business card sites, blogs, news portals.
Thanks to built-in support for plug-ins, you can expand the functionality and add to the site any services, or widgets.
Almost all of the content on the site pages can be edited and configured for the needs of the owner.
MrCMS is provided with the excellent ability to edit the settings of the page templates along with the main content of blogs, media files and widgets.
Thanks to ability of the Shop plugin integration, the MrCMS can be effectively used for e-commerce projects.
Such options as accounting of the products, placement and accounting of the orders in CMS or notifications assignments in line with the Templates can be easily fulfilled with the MrCMS.
MS is quite promptly supports and allows to integrate different types of payment systems.

Technical information:
The server part of the application is written using the C # language under the .NET Framework 4.6.
NHibernate is used for DB management (both MSSQL and MySQL).
Such technologies as jQuery, Bootstrap 3, MVC 5 are being used for the client part side.
The system is integrated by scheduling tasks, which perform a variety of tasks: sending letters, cleaning logs, re-indexing data.

Challenges & Achievements
The functionality of MrCMS has been widely expanded by our team with dozens of widgets, plugins developed for different sites.
In the process of this new functionality implementation the number of bugs and errors in the system were fixed by our team..

Our team gained a great experience working on expanding of existing functionality of the MrCMS and creating new plugins, widgets and templates.



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