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During working on numerous projects, we obtained a great experience in such software areas as E-commerce and enterprise web solutions; 3D Data Processing, Multimedia Data Processing; Computer Vision and Machine Learning etc. Information on our services is presented below.

Customer relationship management systems

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems ensure the centralized store of information about all clients of the company. During development of CRM systems, our company places special emphasis on the following peculiarities: scalability, functionality, security and usability.


During the last few years the e-commerce market has demonstrated a tremendous growth due to the overall Internet connectivity.
We have developed a deep expertise in the development area of various e-commerce solutions. Contact us to discuss your project.


Saas solution

Our company develops all possible software solutions, which are provided by SaaS model (for example, enterprise management systems, content management etc.).

3D Computer Graphics Software

3D Computer Graphics Software is actively used for construction of image on display or the sheet of printed product both in science and industry. Our company specifies in the development of software for such branches of 3D graphics as design works automation (CAD Software; for designing of solid components – buildings, car details, mechanisms), Architectural Visualization, Games and Multimedia etc.

CAD/CAM Software

Our company is experienced in the development of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems as well as 3D printing software etc.

Interactive 2D/3D Graphics Solutions (WebGL)

Do you need to develop an application using 2D or 3D interactive graphics? Our company got a great experience in the development of such solutions while using the modern WebGL technology. This technology enables the development of really interactive applications, games, presentations and more through the usual web browser. Here you can find the detailed information about our projects, which use WebGL technologies

Multimedia Data Processing

In the early days of computer epoch, the most of information was presented textually. However, nowadays the information in the form of images, audio or video is an integral part of the modern world. Jazzros company is an expert in the development of solutions, which concern the multimedia (image, audio or video) processing. See more details about our projects related to this area of expertise

Virtual Reality Solutions

Virtual Reality (VR) provides really revolutionary opportunities for creating of interactive software solutions. Specializing in the development and implementation of complex 3D graphics software, our company has its own VR practices, which are based on using the Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) development kit.

Mobile Apps Development

Jazzros offers end-to-end custom mobile app development services covering the full project lifecycle, from concept to polished product.

Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Computer Vision is the science and engineering that extracts useful information from images. Computer Vision methods are used to acquire, analyze and understand videos and images. Our team have a passion to the field of machine vision, developing high-performance products and services for image acquisition and vision-oriented analysis.

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