about us

Jazzros is a software engineering company that started its history in 2009.

We are focusing on providing dedicated (extended) teams or software engineers to work on the solutions for Industry 4.0: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Additive Manufacturing.

During working on numerous projects, the company team has obtained great experience in the area of design and development of complex IT solutions for such branches as Software & Hi-Tech, Computer Vision, Additive Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Natural Science & Environmental Protection, Fashion & Retail, etc.

The company headquarter is located in Wroclaw (Poland) and its development center is in Kharkiv (Ukraine). The geographical location of the company’s offices and a similar mentality facilitates the delivery of quality services for our partners – companies located in West Europe, the USA and Canada, etc.

our mission

The mission statement of Jazzros is providing software engineering services for Industry 4.0.

  • More than 10 years of successful work in the Software Industry
  • More than 50 customers - companies from West Europe, USA, and Canada
  • More than 500000 hours of teamwork due to “dedicated or extended team” scheme
  • Offices in Poland and Ukraine - the world's largest pools of qualified STEM engineering talents
our specialization & expertise

Our company is specializing in the development of software solutions for Industry 4.0.

We obtained a great experience in Image Processing, 3D Scanning & Reconstruction, CAD, Interactive 2D/3D Graphics, Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Cloud Computing & Infrastructure.

Our main advantage – great engineering talent of our engineers, their desire to constantly deepen their knowledge and skills​. All this allows us to provide a high level of deep tech engineering services for our clients.

our strengths
  • Deep Expertise in IT
  • Scientific & Engineering Approach
  • Professional Staff
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Problem Solving & Teamwork
  • Internal R&D Laboratory
what we offer

High-end expertise for Industry 4.0

Jazzros is passionate about solving critical software engineering problems. We help our clients to develop solutions for Industry 4.0: AI / Computer Vision / 3D Engineering.

Whatever issue you face, we have your solution. We get to the heart of every problem—digging deep to understand its intricacies and nuances, so we can help you achieve your goals, together.

Team Extension & Staff Augmentation

At Jazzros, we have successfully set up a number of dedicated (extended) engineering teams for our clients in Europe and the US.

By bringing in engineers provided by Jazzros, you get to expand your talent pool and take advantage of resources that would otherwise remain out of your reach.

Core Research & Development

We have our own Research and Development (R&D) Team that brings more value to the business of our clients and helps us to hire the best talents.

We engage in R&D activities that are related to AI, advanced image, and 3D data processing. That uniquely positions us to solve our clients’ most difficult problems.

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